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Let’s talk about the power of uncertainty in our life story

  1. Tricia says:

    Well said my friend! You are strong, brave, and your vulnerability today inspiring.

  2. Robin says:

    Thank you for a great read! Needed this today!

  3. Isha Khanna says:

    Beautifully written and inspiring article.well done

  4. Joseph C Curtis says:

    Christina – Inspiring story!! So very happy things turned out well for you family!! I admire your strength of character!I have a daughter who had anorexia – horrible thing!! She too is now doing well though!!! Is it possible (at least for a time) to as the old saying goes “pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps”? It is. But I’ve personally found that the only “certain” thing in life is not achieved by trusting in ourselves (Jeremiah 17:9) or our strength – but God, His power and His word. Everything else (including ourselves) and eventually every human being will fail. I didn’t write today to “preach” God and scripture at you, not at all, but just as a thought to contemplate if you should ever choose to do so knowing that in my case – I’ve always fallen way way short when it comes to uncertainty, but that God and His word – His promises (which requires faith) are the only true & certain things that we can trust & count on!! I thank-you for your post !!!

    • Christina Tinker says:

      Thank you for taking time to comment and share your faith, Joseph. My connection with God and the Universe have been an important part fo my continued recovery and joy in life.

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