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Christina's business leadership experience is both vast and varied, spanning almost two decades and includes firms like IBM and Gartner. She also researches and writes about organizational leadership and learning at George Washington University where she explores organizational leadership and learning. Christina leverages her extensive corporate experience combined with her transformative personal experience to show us how our authentic human stories hold the power to transform our organizations into cultures of infinite possibility.

Christina's passion to inspire people and bring them together in a way that is genuine and brave drive her to help cultivate leaders that will change the world for the better one story at a time, all while creating dramatic business results.

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Christina is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, corporate storyteller & courage cultivator ™. What makes Christina's message so powerful is the palpable authenticity, vulnerability and compassion she shows through her journey of discovering, owning, and sharing her own story of becoming a courageous woman leader and world changer.

Christina helps women reclaim their power through the stories they are telling. Transforming her own story of a twelve-year battle with anorexia and bulimia into a story of incredible courage and strength, Christina guides women leaders to become passionate courage cultivators and authentic storytellers who can create inclusive and innovative corporate cultures to drive incredible business results.


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